Hydrogen peroxide is a clear and colorless liquid which is slightly viscous than water. H2O2 is highly used as an oxidizer and bleaching agent in various applications. With a boiling point of 114 degree Celsius hydrogen peroxide freezes at -52 degree Celsius with 1-1.25 Ph level. H2O2 is a non flammable and a completely soluble chemical with 18mm hg@30 degree vapor pressure and 1.21g/cm3 density.

Physical and chemical properties
Appearance Clear, Colorless liquid
Physical state Liquid
Odor Pungent
pH 1 – 2.5
Melting point/Freezing Point -52 0C
Boiling Point Range 114 0C
Flash Point Not flammable
Evaporation rate No clear information
Flammability Limit (Solid, Gas) Not flammable
Flammability Limit in air Not Applicable
Upper Flammability Limit Not Applicable
Lower Flammability Limit Not Applicable
Vapor pressure 18 mm Hg @30 0C
Vapor density No clear information
Density 1.17 to 1.21 g/cm3
Specific gravity 1.17 to 1.21
Water solubility Completely soluble
Solubility in Other solvents Soluble in Polar organic solvents & insoluble in non polar organic solvents
Partition coefficient No Clear information.
Auto ignition temperature Not combustible.
Decomposition temperature Below 60 0C slow decomposition & Above 60 0C Rapid Decomposition
Viscosity, kinematic 1.17 cP @ 20 0C
Explosive properties No information available
Surface tension 75.6 mN/m @20 0C
Industrial Applications

Hydrogen Peroxide is an environmental friendly chemical with strong bleaching and oxidizing properties. With water and oxygen as bi-products, hydrogen peroxide as considered to be one of the safest chemicals and is widely used in various applications across industries.

Chemical Manufacture

Hydrogen peroxide plays a crucial role in organic chemistry and is used in the manufacturing of hydrazine hydrate and hydroxyl amines, organic peroxides, peracetic acid and sulphur derivatives.

Sugar Bleaching

Hydrogen Peroxide is used as bleaching agent in sugar industry. It acts as a reagent delivering bright sugar with excellent keeping quality. The sugar produced gives more economic benefits with less sulphur dioxide and sulphated ash. Hydrogen Peroxide is also used for syrup bleaching.

Textile Bleaching

Hydrogen Peroxide is a universal bleaching agent and is highly used for textile bleaching due of its eco friendly properties and less time consumption. Hydrogen peroxide bleaches at a reasonable cost and is suitable for almost all fibers and can be used in any temperature and under different conditions.

Pulp and Paper

Hydrogen peroxide is used for bleaching recycled paper and to brighten pulp stability in Pulp & Paper industry. Use of hydrogen peroxide is a cost effective method and contributes to the end product quality.

Food industry

Hydrogen Peroxide is used to improve food color and to sterilize antiseptic packaging containers. Hydrogen peroxide also increases product shelf life and is used as antimicrobial agent in milk and bleaching agent in wheat flour, edible oil and egg white.

Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics

With the disinfectant property, hydrogen peroxide is extensively used in pharmaceuticals industry. Hydrogen peroxide is used in contact lens solution, as antiseptic to prevent infection and as disinfectant for dental and surgical instruments. H2O2 is also used for hair bleaching, teeth bleaching lotions, tooth paste, mouthwash, hair-care products etc.

Waste Water Treatment

Hydrogen peroxide is used to remove industrial pollutions caused by effluents, it also curbs corrosion and odour pollution caused by other chemicals. H2O2 offers a source of oxygen for aerobic biological treatment and is an excellent bactericide-algicide for water decontamination when treated with appropriate elements.

Mining Industry

Hydrogen Peroxide is used as an oxidant in the mining industry for production process of expensive elements. H2O2 improves the overall process control and is used in various steps of metallurgical process.