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EB Nuberg

EB Nuberg is a Sweden based hydrogen peroxide technology licensor and supplier, providing proprietary, advanced and most modern H2O2 technology. Our patented technology is best known for its special characteristics that include cost efficient process, simple plant design and highly stable hydrogen peroxide production. As a technology provider, EB Nuberg ensures production of technical grade premium quality hydrogen peroxide, as well as Chemical Grade, Aseptic Grade and Food Grade hydrogen peroxide. Product concentrations: 35, 50 (industrial standard), 60 and 70%.

Package units for the production of 90% concentration Rocket Grade hydrogen peroxide (US MIL spec.) are available.

The Swedish firm provides services in the fields of hydrogen peroxide process design & development, technology, plant project management, operator training and consultancy.

Since its inception in 2014, EB Nuberg has provided advanced hydrogen peroxide production process technology for various projects across industries, two of them in Bangladesh for Samuda Chemical Complex Ltd SCCL (2 production lines) and Tasnim Chemical Complex Ltd. and one in Ethiopia for Awash Melkasa. At present, the company is actively working on projects in India for Indian Peroxide Ltd, in Abu Dhabi for Al Gaith Industries and in Egypt for NCIC.

The Swedish technology licensor holds patents for the hydrogenation reactor, oxidation column and for the working solution composition. Apart from its lab scale hydrogen peroxide plant in Swedish R&D facility, EB Nuberg plans to have its continuous operated pilot plant to test, verify and develop new design and technology before introduced in full scale industrial plants. This pilot plant will help to complete ongoing laboratory based innovations, developments and studies.

Special characteristics of EB Nuberg’s H2O2 technology

Cost Efficient Process

EB Nuberg’s patented Swedish technology for hydrogen peroxide is the most cost efficient process design technologies available in the global market for independent producers. The proprietary technology has unique low consumption figures in all three main process steps that ensure less hydrogen, air and steam consumption. Selective reactions and low by-product formation reduces running plant costs further.

Simple Plant Design

EB Nuberg delivers simplest possible plant design which is easy-to-operate and doesn’t require high investment cost. With the low initial cost feature, EB Nuberg fulfills the highest requirements in safety, reliability and the design is specifically optimized for higher yields and cost efficient operations.

High Stability Production

EB Nuberg’s technology delivers highly stable hydrogen peroxide which increases shelf life of the chemical. The high stability product ensures that the chemical doesn’t decompose during storage and usage and concentration is unaffected for a span of 2 years. Stability > 98 % with ISO standard test method.

EB Nuberg is a joint venture between Nuberg Group, a two decade old manufacturing, engineering and technology driven industrial conglomerate based in India and EB Process Design, chemical engineering consultant company providing services in the fields of process design, process development and plant project management specialized in hydrogen peroxide production plants, headquartered in Sweden, since over 20 years.