EB Nuberg

Swedish R&D firm, specialized in developing technology and process design for hydrogen peroxide production.

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Unique Patent Protected Technology

Proprietary hydrogen peroxide manufacturing process ensuring cost efficient and high yield production.

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EB Nuberg is a patented hydrogen peroxide technology licensor offering cost efficient plant design.

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Lab scale H2O2 plant well equipped with test and analysis facilities.

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EB Nuberg has delivered H2O2 technology to projects in more than five countries.

About Us

EB Nuberg is a Swedish firm offering proprietary hydrogen peroxide technology, process design & development and consultancy. The company holds patents in two of the three main process steps for hydrogen peroxide production and for the composition of the working solution. EB Nuberg’s unique and innovative H2O2 production technology is the most reliable and cost efficient process technology available in the market for independent producers. The company began its operations in year 2014 and has worked on numerous projects till date, three hydrogen peroxide plants in Bangladesh and one in Ethiopia and is currently working on projects in India, Abu Dhabi and Egypt.

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