EB Nuberg, a Sweden based technology licensor has a well equipped R&D laboratory that aims to innovate and develop cutting edge patented technology for producing highly stable and high purity technical and chemical grades hydrogen peroxide, as well as Food Grade, Aseptic Grade and Propulsion Grade hydrogen peroxide. The comprehensive quality control and EB Nuberg’s special feature proprietary technology ensures hi yield and high quality hydrogen peroxide production.

EB Nuberg’s R&D facility is fully equipped with analyzing instruments and lab scale hydrogen peroxide plant with all three main process steps - hydrogenation, oxidation and extraction to produce hydrogen peroxide. As a part of its R&D lab EB Nuberg will soon have its bigger scale continuous running hydrogen peroxide pilot plant to develop and verify technologies and processes for full scale hydrogen peroxide production.

EB Nuberg has a dedicated team having 30+ years of industrial experience working to deliver high yield hydrogen peroxide with advance production process. The Swedish firm focuses to deliver the best quality production process strengthening its leadership in the global market.

The proprietary H2O2 production technology and manufacturing process has special features that include cost efficient production, simplest possible plant design and manufactures pure and high stability hydrogen peroxide.

EB Nuberg’s proprietary hydrogen peroxide technology includes:

  • EB Nuberg’s HP process include tetrabutyleura based WS, ensuring high degree hydrogenation and low flow of WS.
  • Slurry reactor, for low hydrogen consumption, high reaction selectivity which decreases side product formation.
  • Counter current oxidation with internal cooling promising short hold uptime, low compressed air consumption and low by-product formation.
  • Efficient extraction giving high concentrated H2O2 (38-40% conc.) giving low steam consumption when increasing to market concentration (50, 60 or 70 %) in the distillation unit.
  • Vapor recompression in distillation reduces steam consumption further.

EB Nuberg is constantly working on technology & operations, exploring opportunities to deliver high yield and high industrial grade hydrogen peroxide. The company focuses to provide sustainable, economical solutions and process technology for hydrogen peroxide production in the market.